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This is a new generation of our Blocfor™ line, an automatic fall arrester, equipped with Tractel® patented AES system.


The new Blocfor™ 10 AES has significant improvements over the previous Blocfor™ 10:

- The mechanism has been simplified to the maximum to optimise operation

- The design has been completely reworked to reduce its dimensions and weight, improve grip and make handling of the unit easier

- The Blocfor™ 10 AES automatic fall arrester is equipped with the new AES system (Absorbing End System) patented by TRACTEL®. The AES system ensures the user with an impact of less than 600 daN even with a fall when the cable has been completely unwound. The AES system reduces the strength of the impact on the user’s body in the event of a fall. It efficiently protects the end of the strap secured to the end of the cable against the risks of rupture which can be caused by sharp edges found on terrace roofs

The range of Blocfor™ AES is conform to EN 360

* M46 : Automatic carabiner with fall indicator

* M47 : Automatic carabiner without fall indicator

Tractel BlocFor 10 - Fall Arrest Block



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