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Polystrop Assemblies


Polystrop manufacture a huge range of heavy, medium and light duty lashing assemblies.


Our light duty lashing assemblies have numerous hobby applications.


Quality assure, Polystrop lashing equipment complies with current UK and European standards and are manufactured under our ISO 9002 quality system.


Heavy Duty Lashing Assemblies:


RL Range (MBS 5000Kg RAS 2500Kg Webbing width 50mm)

TL Range (MBS 10,000Kg RAS 5000Kg Webbing width 75mm)

MR Range (MBS 1000Kg RAS 500Kg Webbing width 25mm)


Medium & light Duty Lashing Assemblies:


LW Range (MBS 1500Kg RAS 750Kg Webbing width 50mm)

TF Range (MBS 2000Kg RAS 1000Kg Webbing width 35mm)

LR Range (MBS 800Kg RAS 400Kg Webbing width 25mm)

CB Range (MBS 1200Kg RAS 600Kg Webbing width 50mm)

CBS Range (MBS 400Kg RAS 200Kg Webbing width 25mm)



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